PROTECAS is an Extract obtained from shrimps and crabs, and is non-toxic. It has natural plant hormones and nutrient substances obtained from chitosan oligosaccharides that can activate and induce plants to produce antiviral substance and efficiently control fungal and bacterial diseases. Chitosan can replace other plant hormones to regulate the process of shoot and root development, and be used to enhance photosynthesis.

PROTECAS offers the natural way to protect plants against fungi, viruses and nematodes. It improves resistance of vegetable plants and ornamentals against plant fungi, Fusarium wilt, Verticillium wilt, Downy mildews etc. PROTECAS is not a fungicide, but protects plants against fungal diseases and has a high efficiency for organic growing. PROTECAS contains 2-4% Chitosan Oligosaccharin and 8-9% Nitrogen.

PROTECAS triggers the defensive mechanisms in plants (acting much like a vaccine in humans), stimulates growth and induces certain enzymes (synthesis of phytoalexins, chitinases, pectinases, glucanases and lignin). PROTECAS thus offers promise as a bio-control tool in addition to the growth-stimulation properties, fungus and insect control. It can be applied through soaking of seeds, drenching and foliar application.


Improves the nutrients uptake by enhancing photosynthesis
Stimulates immunity in crops to resist the intrusion of fungal and bacterial diseases
Contains antitoxins to fend off bacteria, viruses and insects
Suppresses root knot nematodes
Plays a major role in Viral infected plants.
Helps the plants to endure environmental stress by activating plant cells and improving the soil
Improves bloom and fruit setting stimulation and size of the fruits.


1 to 3 Tablespoon per Gallon of water or 750-2250ml per 50 gallon drum.

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  1. Protecas is a wonder stimulant for plants