AMINO ACIDS are plant growth boosters that are required by plants for photosynthesis of the most important enzymes and hormones that are necessary in metabolic pathways and activities for making proteins. This product makes it easier on the plant in producing amino acids by themselves. By introducing liquid amino acids, the plant will be able to absorb when it wants. It also manages the plant’s stress, thus causing the plant to focus more on the management of disease, fungus and insecticidal problems.


Amino acids are easily absorbed into the plant system.
Amino acids are responsible for flower initiation and early fruiting, thus promoting yields.
They play an important role in Nitrogen assimilation and increase fighting power of plants against pests and diseases.
Amino acids are required for chlorophyll synthesis and improve cell wall strength.
They maintain water equilibrium in plants thus helping in overcoming stress.
Amino acids improve pollen fertility and increase yields of tomatoes, pepper, rice and vegetables.
They increase ability of plant to transport nutrients, via chelation.

CAS AMICID provides a source of amino acids to boost the plant in carrying out the functions above, and also contains some organic matter.


1 to 2 Tablespoons per Gallon of water or 750-1500ml per 50 gallon drum.


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