Modern Agriculture

Agriculture for the 21st century


At CAS Agri, we specialize in the techniques of hydroponics and greenhouse production. Having developed our own line of fertilizers, we can boast by the results that our customers obtain.

With changing times, there has been a shift in society away from traditonal methods of agriculture. We are able to now grow food with less required input, space and labour. We are able to produce higher yields within a smaller area. Additionally, this form of agriculture means a lot less pesticides enter our environment, and plants are less prone to environmental stressors, such as insects and flooding.

For hydroponic farming, we have developed two premium fertilizers - Hydro Mix A and Hydro B. Hydro Mix A contains all the Macro and Micro Nutrients that leafy vegetables need, while the Hydro B contains the Calcium. These fertilizers are complete, and nothing else need be added.

For aquaponic and greenhouse production, we carry perlite, vermiculite, expanded clay pellets, coconut chips and coconut peat.

Our fruiting vegetable formula is Nutrigold NPK 4.18.37 + TE, Hydro B with Magnesium Sulphate. We also supply Diaferrene Top 44, a premium chelated Iron , produced in Italy.

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We supply all the materials to get your project up and running. Quotations are available upon request by contacting our office at 1-868-673-6802.