Glufocas 20%

GLUFOCAS is a natural compound isolated from two species of Streptomyces fungi.

GLUFOCAS is an ammonium salt containing glufosinate-ammonium. It is a broad-spectrum contact herbicide and is used to control a wide range of weeds after the crop emerges or for total vegetation control on land not used for cultivation.

GLUFOCAS can also be used to desiccate (dry off) crops before harvest. It inhibits the activity of an enzyme, glutamine synthetase, which is necessary for the production of glutamine and for ammonia detoxification. The application of glufosinate leads to reduced glutamine and increased ammonia levels in the plant tissues. This causes photosynthesis to stop and the grass dies within a few days (5).

GLUFOCAS is a non-selective herbicide with contact and slight systemic action

GLUFOCAS effectively destroys Parthenium hysterophorus - white top or white head bush.

GLUFOCAS also acts as a pre emergence herbicide in vegetables fields.

GLUFOCAS 20% SL is used to control a wide range of annuals and perennial broad leaf weeds in orchards-citrus, mangoes, pineapple, paw paws, vegetables and ornamental trees and bushes.

APPLICATION RATE: 15-30ml per gallon

Glufocas is effective when sprayed on dry weeds, with no moisture on them at time of spraying.

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