Promet Mg

Active Ingredient: Magnesium Oxide (water soluble) 8%

Magnesium is an essential element for the growth of plants. It is chiefly responsible for chlorophyll production and gives leaves and green vegetables their colour. It is also need for use as an enzyme activator for metabolism of several nutrients.

Sandy soils, soils with high Potassium and Manganese contents, and calcareous soils with a high Calcium/Magnesium ratio tend to need adequate supplies of Magnesium to guarantee high qualitative-quantitative production.

The deficiency of Magnesium appears with interveinal chlorosis and a reduction of photosynthesis that causes a decrease and pause in the growing process. The Amino Acid content in Promet Mg makes this fertilizer highly absorbable by crop. Magnesium is transported faster through the plant, and carries out a bio-stimulant action without the generation of vegetal luxuriance and phytotoxicity.