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Calcibor is an exclusive liquid product containing, as an organic compound, a high quantity of Calcium and Boron. In this way both elements are easily assimilated by the plants and highly systemic inside the vegetal tissues. CALCIBOR for it chemical characteristics is better applied as a foliar spray. Applications may be useful for the prevention…
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Promet Mg

Active Ingredient: Magnesium Oxide (water soluble) 8% Magnesium is an essential element for the growth of plants. It is chiefly responsible for chlorophyll production and gives leaves and green vegetables their colour. It is also need for use as an enzyme activator for metabolism of several nutrients. Sandy soils, soils with high Potassium and Manganese…
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Red Magic NPK 12-24-12 + 2% Mg + 11% S

Red Magic is our premium granular rooting fertilizer. It can be used as a starter for all crops, from vegetables to ornamentals to tree crops. Red Magic also contains 11% Sulfur. Sulfur helps in enzyme production and assists in the formation of plant proteins.
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