About Us

Mission Statement

To serve the Agricultural Sector with technological differences in its management of Pesticides by providing an effective Product Line which would encourage the preservation of our environment.


  1. To provide safer alternatives throughout the Caribbean.
  2. To provide adequate technical support to our customers.
  3. To build lasting relationships through a commitment in our Product Line.
  4. To become the Company of choice in the selection of technical expertise and trustworthy products.
  5. To be morally obligated by providing information in the interest of our customers.

Company Division Structure

& Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing Team encourages the use of our Products by working directly with Distributors as well as Farmers. Experimental Plots are identified and practical workshops built around the results. This Team comprises of two (2) Technical Personnel and two (2) Salesmen.


The Company believes in the philosophy that Our Customers be treated with respect and understanding. Our Staff understands the role of relationship building and accepts the common fact that, ‘Customer is King’.


At CAS Agricultural Supplies Ltd., we offer a unique experience by providing hands on training in the use of pesticide application. We work on a one to one basis by empowering our Customers with the provision of all round technical aspects to become better Farm Practitioners’

& Administration

The Company is managed on a day to day basis by one of the Company’s Director who has the expertise to move the Company into the next decade and beyond. The Accounting Staff also acts as liaison to the Sales and Marketing Team in its effort of promoting the Product Line.

& Promotion

The vision allows for effective advertising and promotions.
Extensive radio advertising and Newspapers’ Field Experiences are practiced at regular intervals. The Company believes that through net working product awareness will be accomplished.